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president obama gives a long state of the union address. what was his best moments and what were his worst moments. we'll analyze. >>ly work finally to repeal the law that denies gay americans to serve the country they love. >> he weighs in on the gay military issue. >> last week the supreme court reverse add century of law that i believe will open the floodgates to special interests, including foreign corporations. [ applause ] >> bill: megyn kelly is angry.
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cause of action you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, thanks for watching. is the president's speech over yet? that is the subject of a talking points memo. that was a long. he delivered a speech very well. he seemed relaxed and in charge. i'm a simple man, i'm going to break it on down in a basic way. i'll do it in three minutes and not 70. big theme was job creation, the president believes that the government should spend a ton of money providing jobs. i get it. with the deficit so huge, high question is, why is not try private interests first.
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he is proposing tax breaks to create jobs that's good. it will sometime late spending and bend over backwards to help small companies. private businesses is the backbone of our economy. so talking points opposes massive federal spending unless the tax breaks don't work. keep the federal money in reserve mr. president, because america's debt a big a problem as employment. health care -- >> if any one from either party has a better approach that will bring them premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured strengthen medicare for seniors and stop insurance company abuses, let me know. >> bill: okay, i'm up to the challenge. rather than spending still more government money creating an enormous bureaucracy, why don't we let them compete in all 50 states and allow judges to
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punish people that sue people for stupid reasons. that what they do in great britain. a judge can order you to pay for all costs that is known as tort reform. i agree he should regulate insurance companies. they can't be fighting legitimate reimbursement. they try to wear you down when you file a claim. i'm with the president on that. but we don't need trillions of federal dollars to solve the health care problem. we already have medicaid. so increased insurance competition, stopping crazy lawsuits and mandating strict rules for them to follow may be a partial solution. it's not going to solve everything but it's more efficient than what mr. obama wants which is a fiscal nightmare. finally he did not speak the war on terror but he must stop the nonsense about giving khalid shaikh mohammed civilian trials.
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just yesterday, the mayor said he wants the trial out of new york city because it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. but the president doesn't seem to get it. >> i know that all of us love this country, all of us are committed to its defense. so let's put aside the school yard talks who is tough. >> bill: just common sense, let the military handle these al-qaeda killers. attorney general hold senior not equipped to do it. i'm just reporting. that is a memo. top story, what was the best multiply and what was the worst moment in the president's state of the union address. we asked the doctor to wire up the folks and joins us from baltimore. nice to see you. >> wanting to one of the swing states, he went to philadelphia, pennsylvania on the campus, 26 participants evenly divided between john mccain and barack
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obama, handed it to him and you see the fair reon action, if it going down the voters don't like it. >> bill: the worst moment according to the folks. >> experts from across the political spectrum warn if we did not act we might face a second depression. so we acted. immediately and aggressively. one year later, the worst of the storm had passed, but the devastation remains. >> bill: so he did pretty well, if that was the worst thing he said. the democrats were 50-60%, but the democrats went down at the end. i thought they liked the economic stimulus? >> here is the issue that no one believes that the recession is over. it was larry summers who made the comment on abc news that the
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recession was over and that the recovery had begun. look, if you are unemployed, if you are afraid of losing your job, if you didn't get the pay increase, you think the recession is still ongoing. it's a mistake for the obama administration to try to tell people they should feel good when they frankly feel pretty bad. >> bill: it wasn't a matter of debating the stimulus to prop you were the banks to keep them from collapsing. it was president obama was indicating do these people that the worst was behind us? >> they don't believe it because they are suffering right now. i've seen data, two-thirds of americans are not going out to dinner as much as they used to, half can't donate to charities. 40% are cutting on spending on kids and one out of four are reducing what they are spending. this is a serious recession and when he says the worst is over, the year.
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average american is, we're through it and they are not. >> bill: in both parties? >> correct. >> bill: okay. >> we are tired of the shouting and pettiness. they know we can't afford it, not now. so we face big and difficult challenges. what the american people hope, what they deserve is for all of us, democrats and republicans to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our policies. >> bill: let's all get together and solve the problems. >> right. it's also about end the negativity but end the accusations and later on in the speech, he came out to the republicans for disagreeing on principle. tomorrow he is going to address the house republican conference
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in in a meeting right here in buarlt. that the american people are saying for politics and politicians, enough is enough, we want it done differently. frankly they want barack obama's communication from his election campaign rather than the policies that he has promoted over the last year. >> bill: it's interesting both parties still want cooperation and to bring the temperature down because it is obviously a divided country right now. the other thing that president obama did blame the bush administration in the speech last night for a lot of the problems he has not yet solved. then, he appealed for, let's all get together and work together. you know, you continue to blame the other guys, then you want to work together. i don't know how it works. >> one of the cruelest things we found from boston, scott brown's campaign, he said i am not bush-cheney. i'm running for the u.s. senate
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for the people's seat, not ted kennedy's seat. when he attacked, we challenged his opponent for the bush-cheney policies, not only did he score points but he won votes. there is a way to respond to this. it's simply to say, hey, i wasn't there. this is not part of me. let's focus on the future, not be trapped in the past. >> bill: and take one thing he found interesting in the session last night. >> starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years. [ applause ] spending related to our national security, medicare, medicaid and social security will not be affected, but all other discretionary government programs will. >> bill: the line went down, he started to explain it, it went occupy.
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what's that about? >> the democrats don't want a freeze. they want more investment, more spending on these programs. the republicans don't trust him so that is why they didn't respond. here is something i know in polling, we get a 70-75% support level. by the way, bill, if any of your viewers want to participate and react these speeches, go to theword are we'll be doing it all through the year. both sides had a problem with it. >> bill: thanks so much. laura will give her take on the state of the union. >> and mailg anklely fired up about president obama insulting the supreme court. he is coming up. -- she is coming up.
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the american people want us to do these big things. they want us to work together. you know, frankly. there is not always a political solution to a substantive problem. i think that is a fundamental misreading in what happened in the three elections. for him to say it's not election when mitch mcconnell, john boehner and paul lyon have true differences in what he is trying to do. the republicans actually are doing what they are doing, bill, not because they have a personal animous toward the president president, they are doing what
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they think is best for the country. it's the old school yard talks. it's tv pundits. i don't know who he was referring to. but anyone that has a real definitive persistent disagreement --. >> glenn: wouldn't it be good politics for the republican party to sit it out and let the democratic party implode which it has done in the last six months and not cooperate. would that be good policy? >> i think it's good policy but it's the right thing to do. >> bill: if the party is not going to cooperate -- >> no on the issues where necessity disagree with the president. for them to roll over. my point is, people didn't turn out to vote in massachusetts and new jersey for the republicans they wanted everyone to work together and they wanted
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bipartisanship. they want jobs. they want this economy to grow and they want this addiction to spending to stop. that is why they voted. president doesn't get that. >> bill: what was the best thing that he did? >> good night and god bless america. >> bill: come on. >> miller could get away with that. i can't get away with that. best part, is america will never settle for being number two behind china and india. i love hearing a democratic president talk about american greatness. we want to be number one. we should be number one. i love that. if that was paired up with actual policy initiatives that shake off the burdens on america's business bill, i would love it. but i love the fact that he said that. i think democrats need to talk more about american greatness and preserving our number one status around the world. i think people like that. >> bill: now i'm going to deal
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with kelly on the issue but since you are the former clerk for the supreme court, you were with clarence thomas? >> yes, i was. >> bill: that was the only thing about the speech that surprised he was when president obama insulted the judges -- the justices i should say that voted to rescind the mccain campaign law. how did you react to that? >> i'm thinking, if it's a republican president and a liberal supreme court, did something like on abortion or anything like that, i don't have any problem with the president, look, this is my view. he has every right to take on the other branches. but what i didn't like that he factually misrepresented that part of the case, whoever wrote
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that part of the speech should ruse their job. >> bill: we did call the white house for their response which is an interesting response. we'll have that coming up. >> i love justice alito, though. >> it wasn't a joe wilson moment. he did it inwardly. >> people notice it. >> bill: it was a normal reaction. >> he was telling a lie. >> bill: i don't know if it was a lie. it's not try and not going to happen, an interpretation of the event. there are some facts and we'll lay them out later on. >> what i think happened with the speech most of it was written at state of the unions are, i used to be a speech writer oons ago. most of this was written before scott brown victory. they tried to shove some stuff into it, don't ask, don't tell, and it was tough. it ended up being a lot of
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stuff. >> bill: it was really too long. but that was the best speech he has given since the campaign trail. he was good about his delivery. really? >> bill: he had energy and authority but it was way too long. >> i thought it was about a cold bowl of oatmeal. i don't think it was there. >> bill: directly ahead, liberal point of view on the president's address. and also president oh's gay friendly statement. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx. it has the agility and the power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo, because every great action hero needs a vehicle. see your lexus dealer. ♪
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>> bill: segment about president's speech. according to cnn will% of those watching liked the presentation. 21% had a negative response. cbs response says 83% approved of his proposals and 17% rejected. so it was a good night for him. dr. lamont hill, i'm going to ask you the same opening question i asked miss laura. what was the worst thing about the president's speech? >> it was so meandering. it's hard to find one bad thing. he jumped all over the place and
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then he added the gays in the military thing. it was spread too thin. it was far too transparent all the take about the tax cuts, standing ovation from the right. he was making an attempt to say that. >> bill: don't you think it stimulates job creation? >> perhaps that is true. deciding whether or not the private selling for or the public sector is an issue more. i don't think there was any substance. he was trying to make people happy, that is why 80% of the people were happy. >> bill: after massachusetts, they are questioning his leadership, is this whole thing falling apart. were we wrong to vote for him. he gets in there and he -- did you ever see the movie chicago, the old razzle, dazzle and where
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we're going to create jobs, the government jobs program is going to kick in but i'm going to give tax breaks to -- tax breaks to small businesses. that is not leadership. that is political cowardice. he should have streamlined the speech. just talk about the peach spiech about jobs. this is about 2010, creating jobs and be very narrow in his analysis. he is trying to make everyone happy. >> bill: he is getting a butt kicked. you are a liberal guy. you think government can level playing field. he is getting his butt kicked with that approach. i said on this program, she going to have to get away from that. she going to lose all his power. >> they can lose some power in the senate. i understand that, however, he didn't say anything substantive. he'll bet a bump in the polls.
3:24 pm
in a week or two, when they see the policies develop they'll realize he is not doing what they want. >> bill: he did one thing, he basically said, health care is on a back-burner? >> more or less. another disappointing move. to me that is a concession he shouldn't have made. that is a sign --. >> bill: he is getting hammered with it? >> heath care, absolutely. >> bill: of you% according to couple of polls, don't like his proposals, what do you want him to do. >> at some point you have to stand for something. >> bill: against 66% of the folks, you're not going to be standing for anything. you're going to be out of there. >> part of the 66% are disapproving because of the process how the obama administration -- >> they don't understand it. >> so he has given 29 speeches on health care.
3:25 pm
how many of them was he --. >> bill: he tried to explain it. >> i think some of those speeches he had absolutely nothing. >> bill: all right. people don't know what public option, they don't know what they are talking about. what was the best thing. >> when he finally stood up to republicans, he waited 45 minutes. i was on my second red bull. we shouldn't need a super majority to get legislation passed. >> bill: as laura pointed out the republicans are never going to go for it because it's so liberal. >> every single policy has been so far to the left no republicans can come on board? are you suggesting that. >> bill: big one, cap and trade, health care, they have been very left wing. >> i do not believe that people are not cooperating. >> glenn: i don't know.
3:26 pm
i can't tell you, i can't speculate on it. it would be a good political strategy for the republicans to rope a dope. >> that is long before my time. >> bill: it's good political strategy for the republicans to rope a dope -- wait, wait, but it's not good for the country to do that. >> i agree. >> bill: i can't tell, there are some republicans that say, we're not going to cooperate no matter what. i'm sure. >> and they can claim the republicans are doing something bad, you are allowed to say that. democrats ever the strongest majority in decades now in the house and senate and nothing is getting through. democrats are weak and republicans are structured. they are not competing clean. democrats are divided, republicans or obstructionists. >> bill: they can't obstruct. they don't have enough votes. if the democrats couldn't get 60 to do anything. >> they didn't have enough
3:27 pm
votes. >> we're saying the same thing. >> bill: i have to go but i will explain that again. factor moves along, does al-qaeda khalid shaikh mohammed is causing president obama a lot of trouble. megyn kelly has been investigating. military brass didn't look thrilled when he said he wants don't ask, don't tell revoked. stay tuned for those reports. pan ca! (announcer) it's a job well done. because when it's pancakes, everybody's in it together. bisquick. pancake lovers unite.
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>> bill:, this tim tebow thing. we reported this early. we had jamal green who is a pro-life person. pro-life lobby doesn't like the fact that cbs has accepted this ad. roll the tape. >> i can't imagine that the decision that the tebow00 to
3:33 pm
face given the news about the pregnancy. i think it's that very choice that ste borne was allowed to make about her reproductive health decisions. >> bill: i don't see the ad taking away anyone's right to do anything. it's celebrating a story. >> here is the question. the change for policy and trying to be open more about advocacy. >> they want the money. we all know that. >> if you are going to do an ad like this. you are going to talk about pro-life, why not running it during the superbowl? >> bill: it's a business. $2 million for the superbowl. what do you think? >> the ad is not trying to take way my right on abortion. it's trying to convince me not
3:34 pm
to have one. >> bill: it's celebrating the story. >> they are trying to convince people not to choose that way. >> that's okay. we have a first amendment for a reason, pro-choice can take out an ad but it's going to be more ideological line from the cbs editorial board and what they tend to put on. >> glenn: do you have any trouble with the ad? >> no. >> i haven't seen the ad. i tell you what i think it's going to can. i have a problem with the ad. it is a law that a woman has a right to choose. they spent $2 million during the superbowl. >> bill: it's their freedom to do it. >> $2 million, fine but why the superbowl, oscars, didn't audience. >> bill: there is more people than the oscars. nobody watches that anymore. there is more people warming it, this is america and they have a right to get their message
3:35 pm
out -- period! i love when i overwhelm the culture warriors. coming up, megan kelly, president obama insulting the supreme court and khalid shaikh mohammed situation. kelly file is next. they've served for decades as a golden, tasty sidekick... to the all-american meal. french fries, and our national passion for them, are legendary. classic. iconic. but times change and people want better foods. so cargill helped a restaurant chain create... a zero trans fat cooking oil for their french fries... using select canola plants... and innovative processing techniques... while preserving their famous taste. because no one wants to give up a classic. this is how cargill works with customers. ♪
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in the kelly file, most controversial part in the peach speech last night. >> with all due deference to the separation of powers, last week the supreme court reverse add century of law that i believe will open the floodgates of special interests, including foreign corporations to spend without limits. >> bill: the real reason this is a controversial, there is law that foreign enterprises cannot spend money in a u.s. election. we contacted the white house. this is from ben lebolt. a lot of stuff here. they say, the ruling leaves open the possibility of foreign controlled corns making campaign contributions to the u.s.a. megyn kelly's new program, debuts monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern time.
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>> some shows or tape but mine isn't. >> bill: how long did it take for you to come up with this. we have larry king, live and we know he is not live. >> we love to be live. >> bill: did this take weeks to come up with america live? i'm going to be watching this. two hours of her every day. >> it's going to be good. >> bill: i don't care about the spin. i just want the law. i own a corporation. i want to give money to an american politician. can i do it? >> no. >> bill: what happens if i try? >> you're not allowed. if somebody caught you you can prosecuted. >> if i want to go to disney world and i'm from poland, they could arrest me? >> yes. that's not allowed.
3:40 pm
but president obama says it opens the door for foreign companies. >> bill: to intrude into the election. >> but it was pointed out that foreign companies are still not allowed to make the donations. then the white house, laura has a point. then the white house said maybe it's not foreign corporations but subsidiaries of foreign corporations, but even that is arguably not true because there is sec regulation. >> bill: but he didn't say domestic subsidiaries. monty's auto bod shop in akron that is owned by polish baron. >> recruiting foreign companies to spend without limits and that is not true. >> bill: they made a mistake, the white house. do you think or do you know? >> that the tha is not accurate.
3:41 pm
what i'm angry about, they called alito's joe wilson moment. >> bill: know it wasn't, he reacted like any human being. >> the thing for me, this is unprecedented. often he last a right to say what he wants. he has first amendment right to tell his opinions, but this is unprecedented. according to reports that i've looked at, the president has only called out the supreme court decision nine times in u.s. history in the state of the union. every time i saw -- when i saw it, it's very generic. had it wasn't a full frontal assault on the justices who are sitting a stone's throw away from him. >> bill: do you think was not classy. >> i got upset -- look at the poor justices. they can't respond. look at them.
3:42 pm
they already to have wear those robes. this scores my point, it's not a joe wilson moment. the guy had a visceral reaction. >> bill: so you felt sorry for them? >> i felt sorry for them. i covered the justices. >> bill: you live in new york city, mayor bloomberg, we really shouldn't have khalid shaikh mohammed because it's going to cost all that money. there is a movement in congress to block any funding of the trial, which the feds are going to have to give new york city some money. i am going to predict that he is not going to be tried here. what is the law say president obama comes to his senses, you know, it's probably better to hand him back to the military. that is legal, is it not? >> that's legal and it's easy. when the military commission
3:43 pm
trials were dismissed, when the charges were dismissed they were dismissed without prejudice, you can refile the charges at any time. the practical matter they wouldn't do that until the criminal trial is dismissed. >> bill: they would have to dismiss the charges and the military would reconstitute them? >> right. they take it back up in the military commission and he would be tried there. >> bill: doesn't that make sense. do you want to spend $600 million on these clowns? >> the attorney general, if he were here, we got the greatest rule of law, he would say, greatest justice system in the world and we can handle such a trial. >> glenn: but why bother? why bother if legally, the army can do this for 39.95 a day. the guys are getting paid, 39.95 i did the math. sandwiches, khalid gets a bagel
3:44 pm
whatever he wants in the morning. [ laughter ] >> bill: $600 million and he gets to scream and yell. >> that is the question. the attorney general has yet fully to explain. >> bill: i'm shocked, the underwear bomber, do we really want to see the guy in the underwear. i don't want to see it. in the military, he is in, in guantanamo. i don't want to see them. >> it's going to be embarrassing for the jurors if they look at the evidence on that one. >> bill: megyn kelly. >> i have a story that mr. bill o'reilly will be a guest. >> bill: we're negotiating, as long as hemmer is not there, our by yourself. you're going to mess him. >> i do miss hem em mer. >> bill: coming up a great america news quiz, sarah palin and the most successful movie of
3:45 pm
all time, avatar, raet we'll be right back.
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>> bill: the great american news quiz, how much do you know about current events.
3:48 pm
here is martha. and fox's friend, ed richmond. you got a new gig. 9:00 crock in the morning with hemmer, has his hair ever moved. i would pay to see that. here is question anymore one, sarah palin recently made her debut as a fox news analyst, we spoke about why she continues to be attacked by her critics. >> it's the threat that i don't get you are the former governor of alaska and former vice presidential candidate, you are a politician, you are a mom, you are an american, tell me what the threat is? >> obviously, it's not about me, it's not about who i am. >> they don't like the message. they don't like the common sense conservative solutions that i think i represent. >> bill: now governor is set to
3:49 pm
host the tea party in which city. where is the tea party going to be held. please the answer is, nashville! you guys are pinheads. whoa. we're off to a great start, are we not. which nation sent the least amount of aid to haiti after the devastating earthquake? least amount of aid, cards up please, the any is "c", saudi arabia. okay. go for two. these are hashed. saudi arabia sent sand. opponent's state of the union speech checked in at an hour and nine minutes. >> you see washington has been
3:50 pm
telling us to wait for decades, meanwhile, china is not waiting to revamp its economy. germany is not waiting. they are not standing still. these nations aren't playing for second place. i do not accept second place for the united states of america. >> bill: okay. according to congressional research, which president likely delivered the shortest state of the union address ever, george w. bush, jimmy carter, abe lincoln or george washington. which was the shortest. cards, please. and it's george washington, do you know why? he was on a horse. nobody cares, nobody was there. no television coverage. >> nobody watching. >> bill: the reason he did, he had no teeth. it was very hard for him.
3:51 pm
wooden teeth. >> the horse could have talked. [ laughter ] >> why do we have him on. does anybody know why we have him on? one day he disappeared. question number four, as you know, eric holder 'made the decision to try khalid shaikh mohammed in a civilian court. >> the 9/11 attacks were both an act of war and a violation of our federal criminal law and they could have been prosecuted in either federal court or military commissions. at the end of the day, it was clear to me the venue in which we are able to obtain justice for the american people is in federal court. >> bill: at the end 69 day you are insign. in which country was khalid shaikh mohammed arrested. where was he arrested.
3:52 pm
pakistan. wow we have a tie. i told you you could mess up, you could punch him right in the nose. avatar, the director has hot spot beating his own movie, titanic. >> bill: excellent. the rest of the top ten, sci-fi fran kheibsz, which series, "lord of the rings," harry potter, indian jones and pirates of the caribbean. cards up please.
3:53 pm
"c" is correct, indiana jones. >> i don't care -- okay, it's a tie. i'm not going to have a tie breaker. you both win all the gear. very good. thanks a lot. nice to see you. jessica simpson tonight and this very strange picture in the spotlight tonight. hello, get out of my bathtub. moments away. @
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3:55 pm
>> bill: time for pinheads and patriots. jessica simpson getting involved in the haiti situation. collecting shoes, no trivialian
3:56 pm
matter. walking barefoot can lead to a variety of diseases. so she is a patriot. take a look at this. our pal larry king twittered this picture. this is from a skit on the letterman program that was to promote a jim carrey movie a couple years ago. now it's confusing but whether he is a pinhead or not is entirely up to you. >> make it a bold fresh evening this coming saturday as the bold fresh tour hits hundreds of movie theaters. this coming saturday night, we sold out situations in pittsburgh, irvine and bakersfield, just to name a few places. go to bold fresh and we'll see you guys in tampa, charleston and norfolk, virginia for the live show. if you would like bold fresh gear, go to our website, go to
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very worthy charities, including some in haiti. from pasadena, california, get them on bold fresh now to the mail -- >> bill: one of the reasons obama was elected he passed himself off as a centrist. we will fall for the same -- we won't fall for the same trick twice. >> john -- i think he is watching talking points, he seems to be taking your advice. i hope so. the call for the spending freeze means nothing in the grand scheme of things. since he doesn't control fiscal policy, do you think hit words hold water? don't know linda, but if he approves a michael in
3:58 pm
discretionary spending, we are over. >> you are right. the positive outcome of tim tebow's mom to keep him should be celebrated. the name problem with the pro-choice position if they fear a position that chooses life. they are not advocating choice at all. tim's mother could have died while giving birth to him. >> i was excited to hear that charles krauthammer will be a regular on the factor. they suggest mr. sauerkraut, that may be harsh. and out of florida, in the 80s i went to the tampa sun dome to see heavy metal rock bands. tonight i'm going to see you.
3:59 pm
what has happened to me. you have wised up. that doesn't mean ozzie osbourne so you have wissed up. i learn something new. buy a copy, a signed copy on our website. get a patriot pin, this is a tremendous deal. go to our website,'reilly. that is the factor website. e-mail with think ni pithy comments any time. please write to us. do not be a, fabulous, excellent word. that is it for us. the factor continues -- fabulist. we do hope to see you next time. the spin stops right here.

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